Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Divisoria Shopping?

         Christmas is approaching haayy....time to begin your list for shopping.  List of your inaanak, friends and planning for early shopping to buy gift for them.  You should not be left behind, but you have to think of your budget. You have to plan ahead where you can buy your gift that has quality and reasonable prices, ohhh it's hard to say quality, but cheaper (that's why you are planning).  Ask for me sometimes I shop in Divisoria you can also find good stuff there as long as you know how to choose carefully.  I used to go in 168 in Divisoria, there you can find imported and good stuff in a reasonable prices.  But you have to be early because there's a lots of people when you came late in the morning.  People there are keep on coming and coming specially in this seasons. When I come there, I used to have some list, so I would know how many kids will I consider to buy including their age.   They say: "be careful also to wear so many accessories while you were shopping,  you should dress-up simple because so many thief there and pick pockets". But still I want to do my shopping at 168 in Divisoria.  It was really a great experience buying my own stuff there.(",)

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