Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hope Carved in Human Heart

       What could possibly our future generation wait for them? Is there any bright and greener life for them?  I used to ask those questions all by myself  hearing catastrophe around the world, severe and damaging loss of human life because of extreme weather events due of climate change.  In the record heatwave and wildfires in Russia, monsoonal flooding in Pakistan, rain-induced landslide in China, the calving of a large iceberg from the Greenland ice sheet and many more.  How could be possibly the end of all of these?  Well, things now are not getting any better...or maybe it would be getting worse before it get better.  This time of feeling so low I was thinking about:  "How Dino at their life-time-span vanished?",  "Does climate change like this had something to do with them to make them disappear in our time today?",  "Does humanity  had the large contribution to make this fact getting any worse?" or "Does God permitted all this so-called phenomenon?"   All of this in my mind, but who really knows the answer lying beneath on it.  Not even genius know all the answer they may only predict and made theories.  Still God is so good even in this time of people's great disappointment...He still carved in human's heart a never ending Hope...that all of this will pass and tomorrow will not be this way again.  In that we should be learnt to lay down our future on the hands of God.  Everyone has seen what He has done; but we can only watch from a distance. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Present from My Best Friend

Last May I receive a present from my best friend Earth for my birthday.  It's a skin care stuff, actually I haven't used it yet and even not tried once, until one day a  smell draw my attention.....something fruity at home so I followed that smell (it was so captivating) and when I knew it...I was standing in door's bathroom so I checked and saw my two kids using it.  I was surprised that it will have their attention using some skin care for adult.  They said: "Mama we were just trying this shower gel and shower cream because it smells good"....I just laugh because I even love the smell.  So I tried it on my own and yes its lavishly smells good and it lingers to my skin and softens skin as well.

It's  Watsons Grapebella revitalizing shower gel and moisturising shower cream,  it's made up with the natural goodness of real grape extracts to maintains the skin's natural balance to keep it feeling soft, smooth, clean and refresh.

You can check this out to all Watson's Outlet Nationwide.

Be Beautiful!