Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baby Lizard

O do we call the baby lizard?  Hmm they say: "hatchling"...ehehe anyway I just met a new friend today.  He just came out of his shell a minute ago and he is so cute...I wanted to be the first one to have his presto I did some shots!  It's cool its minimizes my boredom and intense heat inside home. 

They say lizards are relatives of dinosaurs...hmm sounds scary.  Actually they belong to the family of reptiles. "Ovoviviporous is the correct scientific term for animals that carry the eggs internally and upon delivery of the offspring the entire shell structure has thinned to the point that only the thin mucous membrane remains from which the offspring emerges because no whitish shell structure is seen and the membrane is sometimes broken through by the time the baby is fully delivered by the mother, people often assume that these babies were born live."

Well so much for this I want to introduce my new found friend I call him "Baby Liz" ehehe cool right?

His first walk...look at his back he step forward..its cute!

He's so cuddle!
Finally meet him!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Trees and Water

I never thought that there are places like this that lies near in my place.....still my heart was captured by waterfalls, beautiful landscape, mountain over mountain, cold breeze touches my skin while sun was up there looking and it's all keep coming back on my mind. I really love it and I want to come back over and over again. 

Mini Falls, Tanay, Rizal

Top view at Sierra Madre Resort, Tanay, Rizal

Daranak Falls, Tanay, Rizal

 Thanks so much to my Friend who bring me there!

 Be Beautiful!

Lola Charing's 90th Birthday

Last April 11, 2011 Lola Charing's celebrates her 90th birthday at Villa Marina's Resort, Cavite.  It's been a privileged for me to attend a birthday party like this because not every one celebrates nor will this kind of event in our life. 

Looking on her gray hair, lines on her delicate face and skin that already shrinks due of ageing...truly we can never escape, but in-spite of that great confidence I see, something that younger women can never really have like older women had. The happiness and sorrow, the riches of her youth, the ups and downs of her life that made her a better person indeed; and that "confidence" inspires me as well. I admire her a lot and that admirations inspire me to go and spread my wings and fly and do things that need to be done in this life. So I can say when I reach that certain stage of my life as well that I've done things in my own way not in other people want me to live. 

Happy happy 90th Birthday Lola I wish you will live long life more...and may GOD continue to bless you like you always did to others

Be Beautiful!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

TUM: My Pledge Of Love

 I have been invited by my best friend Earth on the special screening of the movie TUM: My Pledge Of Love a film directed and produced by Robin Padilla, last March 30, 2011 at SM Centerpoint Sta. Mesa, together with the different youth organization and representatives from Muslim community. 

"TUM" a Hindu word means "YOU."  The story was about love, culture, and religion that basically divides people.  A captivating love story of the main character (Ravaan) Robin Padilla a Muslim-Indian who happens to inherit every wealth of their family in one condition he must marry a Christian-Filipina women (Linda) Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla there the story begin.  Can love survives in-spite of traditional culture and solidarity of religion differences?  

This filmed was a first directorial job of Robin Padilla and I can as a first timer he is definitely did it very well.  TUM stars Robin Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez- Padilla, Queenie Padilla and Ejay Falcon.  This movie was rated B.  Most of the scenes was shot in India and some part of the Philippines.  The costumes design and their make-up was fantastic!   Well, better see this film showing on April 6, 2011. 

       TUM's trailer:

Do watch this movie you will definitely enjoy as I did!