Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Strawberry My Favorite Fruit

           This Strawberry makes me go crazy,  it's the only fruit that I used to miss so much when i haven't eat it for a while.  When I think of it I got a very watery mouth...hmm very delicious specially icecream flavored it.  Here in our country Baguio City produces most of the strawberry because of the climate.  When choosing strawberry have the full red colored and avoid that are uncolored.  Here are some facts about my fav fruit Strawberry. 
  • According to Dr. Barry Sears in his book 100 zone foods " a strawberry is superstar when it comes to anti-oxidant power".  
  • 1 cup of strawberries gives 140% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.
  • Research shows that flavonoids quercitin and kaempferol keep bad cholesterol from oxidizing and damaging the artery's wall.
  •  Strawberry also contains ellagic acid which act as scavenger to bind cancer-causing chemicals making them inactive.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Great Gift to Give

            I wonder what's best gift to give?  So I make my own list's, here try to absorb some.

  • Smile.
  • Give an expected kiss....
  • .....or a warm hug.
  • Mail an expected and caring letter to an old friend.
  • Pass on some good news. Don't pass on gossip.
  • Wave and smile to the people you don't talk much.
  • Say something nice to someone or affirm them.
  • Whistle when you are feeling down.
  • Allow someone's mistake...nobody is perfect.
  • Forgive an old grudge.
  • Free yourself of envy and malice.
  • Say "please".
  • Say "I love you" often
  • Never miss an opportunity to be affectionate to your loved ones.
  • Be a friend.
  • Be optimistic.
  • Be kind to the needy.
  • Give blanket to homeless people.
  • Be genuine
  • Make time for your kids.
  • Talk to a lonely child.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best Christmas Gift, Ever

            I wonder what gift would I give to may inaanak, friends, family, my kids, etc...this coming yuletide season.  I'm thinking of  inexpensive gift but wrapped in a  beautiful wrapper;  Maybe an expensive gift wrapped in a simple wrapper or a gift that is priceless but not wrapped.  Whatever we choose the most important here was a gift that comes from the heart, a gift that cannot be measured of how much?, how beautiful it was?, best thing was the thought of sharing no matter how big or small our presence.  Hmm let us also not forget how God gave His priceless gift that has not been wrapped.  It is the most beautiful gift that human life ever received.  Let us not forget the true essence of this seasons...It is God love's for us that even we don't deserve this gift, He still gave it for us.... How wonderful this gift we have,  His only begotten son.  That sometimes or should i rather say most of the time we took for granted because it is unwrapped but if we try to look it in we see how great that give we have.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Divisoria Shopping?

         Christmas is approaching haayy....time to begin your list for shopping.  List of your inaanak, friends and planning for early shopping to buy gift for them.  You should not be left behind, but you have to think of your budget. You have to plan ahead where you can buy your gift that has quality and reasonable prices, ohhh it's hard to say quality, but cheaper (that's why you are planning).  Ask for me sometimes I shop in Divisoria you can also find good stuff there as long as you know how to choose carefully.  I used to go in 168 in Divisoria, there you can find imported and good stuff in a reasonable prices.  But you have to be early because there's a lots of people when you came late in the morning.  People there are keep on coming and coming specially in this seasons. When I come there, I used to have some list, so I would know how many kids will I consider to buy including their age.   They say: "be careful also to wear so many accessories while you were shopping,  you should dress-up simple because so many thief there and pick pockets". But still I want to do my shopping at 168 in Divisoria.  It was really a great experience buying my own stuff there.(",)