Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photography my Hidden Talent

New faces, new friends, new experiences and a hidden talent discovered to be enhance!  Good thing I didn't sleep early  that night I won a Free Basic Photography Workshop from PhotoWorld Manila In Federation of the Philippines Photographers Foundation Incorporation (FPPF).  Wow it was a great day for me I'm very honored to be in the family of great Philippines Photographers learning their styles, skills and understanding the world of Photography in a more distinctive way.

Funny thing way back old days I remember I actually don't like when my friends are taking pictures with me I only love shooting their photos in nice angle, but I didn't realized that I will love photography so much and turned into a  passion!  Who knows I'll make it big someday.  As of now all I know is I'm enjoying it so much and I'm having fun together with my new friends that stand as my great critics.

Here are some snaps.      

Day 1
Day 2
And I'm looking forward for more adventure and knowledge.  It was really a great fun and I'm loving it.

Be Beautiful!