Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Power of Prayer

       Bible says that prayer can move mountains.  We pray for faith for all circumstances, most especially in the bad ones where we are tempted to doubt God's presence.  God is always in control.  Trials are really a reaffirmation of God's love, although they come to us wrapped differently.  Yeah everybody was tempted, but not more than our strength.  God is fair, He will not give us trials more superior than our strength.  For everything happens for a reason's.  Maybe now we don't see what it means into our life because we are in great pain trying to overcome what we have right now, but sooner we will understand why those things need should happened.  I too don't have that much patience especially while I'm in pain, but in a way of process it can be learned.  Even in the dark side of our life we must trust God, that in a way out there- there is light.  We have to pray and seek God's presence.  Most specially when trials is on our face trying to swallow us a whole, just close your eyes and trust God and leave it all to Him.  And when you open your eyes  you will see that it is all right, then you realize how powerful your prayer is.

Friday, November 20, 2009

"Life is Short"

       They say: "Life is short" really it was.  We are all traveler's in this world and life is one great journey.  In our life people come and people go, and few of them remain into our heart.  But one thing I have learned that fate has given us chance to show our feeling and a chance to say how much you love and care for the people you love most.  Don't let it pass for we live a short life. We never knew what happens next, today they are still with us, but tomorrow gone, who knows about it?  Today say: "I love You" to all the people you love most, sometimes it's not enough that we only show it, we also have to say how much we love them.  Show also you care for them it's also not enough that we say it, but we have to show some proof  that we really do love and care for them.  For we live a life that is short and that in right time journey ends.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stages of Grief

       How would you define grief? -The loss of someone or something to which a bond was form; Persons reassess personal definitions in the face of great pain.   There are stages of grieving: denial, anger, grief and acceptance.  Denial when you say: "this isn't happening to me";  Anger when you say "why is this happening to me";  Grief when you feel your heartaches so much that seems it's the only thing you see;  Acceptance when you feel that your ready for whatever it takes now.  Once you reach the stage of acceptance, you will begin to feel whole again.  When you are feeling of your heartache shows you're in grief stage.  You have made a lot of progress.  If your feeling anger that's okey, it tends to overlap.  Moving forward is to embrace your pain.  If you feel like crying  go ahead .  It takes more courage to shed tears than to swallow them.  Have the humility to cry, have the strength to weep for as long you need to.  Feel your pain, just let it come to you.  Think what you've lost, feel the emptiness and heaviness into your heart.  Weep as long as you feel there's drop of pain left inside you, soak it out it doesn't matter how long it takes, stop only when you feel better.  Don't be in a hurry have patience...time will heal every wound no matter how deep- it will surely heals in God's perfect time.  In my life I have so much...and in these stages out of my knowledge I have been through it.  I always admire people after they fall down they always have the courage to stand up where they fell and move forward and begin again. Anyway what happened- it happens we cannot change it,  the only thing we can do is to accept things as it is.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1st

        I used to light up candle's in-front of our doorstep at home every 1st day of November.  I do it for my relatives and others soul that has been forgotten with their loved ones.  But two years ago it changes because now I light up a candle also for my dad, who passed away at the age of 52 last October 3, 2007.  Hmmm...I miss my dad so much.  I grow up without him because he used to work abroad away from us.  We don't have so much time to spend together while growing up and when he finally decided not to work abroad just a little time we spent together and then he pass away.  I felt deep sadness remembering without him now, but when I saw these kids in costumes with a small basket with different sort of candies having some fun out of the blue it cheers me up.  I've realized that I have to move forward life must goes on, no matter what....anyway life is really like that, there are no happy ending.:(