Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Power of Prayer

       Bible says that prayer can move mountains.  We pray for faith for all circumstances, most especially in the bad ones where we are tempted to doubt God's presence.  God is always in control.  Trials are really a reaffirmation of God's love, although they come to us wrapped differently.  Yeah everybody was tempted, but not more than our strength.  God is fair, He will not give us trials more superior than our strength.  For everything happens for a reason's.  Maybe now we don't see what it means into our life because we are in great pain trying to overcome what we have right now, but sooner we will understand why those things need should happened.  I too don't have that much patience especially while I'm in pain, but in a way of process it can be learned.  Even in the dark side of our life we must trust God, that in a way out there- there is light.  We have to pray and seek God's presence.  Most specially when trials is on our face trying to swallow us a whole, just close your eyes and trust God and leave it all to Him.  And when you open your eyes  you will see that it is all right, then you realize how powerful your prayer is.

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