Thursday, September 30, 2010


  My son Rico had an Asthma, he inherited it from me and his dad. Expert says that the ratio of inheriting it to the member(s) of the family is 1:3.  Taking care of  an asthmatic kid was really hard task for me.  My son was so easy to catch up colds and flu that trigger his asthma even with vitamin C intake.  One time my mom told me that "honey" is a great source of strengthening our pneumonia and it helps build's our immune system as well.  "I was actually using it to you when you were a kid then, and it really helps", she says.  At first, I was skeptical when I learned that fact from her, even though I tried it to my sonI used to mixed one tablespoonful of honey in his glass of milk each day or sometimes with Calamansi juice.  I had noticed that he easily recovered from his runny nose that prevents it to turned into colds and asthmaAmazing...the wonder of  Honey that came from Bees


More Facts about "Honey"   
  Honey from bees is all natural that can  help us boost up our immune system.  According to Dr. Flavors, "The anti-bacterial properties of honey may clear infections in wounds, and the anti-inflammatory action of honey may reduce pain and improve circulation which hastens the healing process".    

There are colors and flavor(s) of many honey.   Experts say that the more darker (color) honey, the more it is stronger in taste and robust.  The lighter colored honey are usually more delicate and sweeter.  


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


       What can we buy at the grocery store that  help us stay young?  Actually a lot of stuff now in the market offering rich in antioxidants.   "Antioxidants are substances or nutrients in our foods which can prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body. When our body cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free radicals  which can cause damage".  Antioxidants act as "free radical scavengers" and  prevent and repair damage done by these free radicals.  We have to pick some sort of foods that are rich in antioxidant like Garlic, Broccoli, Tea and Coffee, Carrots, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Citrus Fruits, and Green Leafy Vegetables;  And avoid processed foods because they produce free radicals in our body and destroy our cells.  Antioxidants also enhance immune defense and lower the risk of cancer and infection. 
Citrus Fruits
I can assure you that eating the right kind of food will not only stay us young, but healthier.  What we eat will affect on how we look  the more healthy food we take the more we look younger and healthy.

Be Beautiful!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Rock Toon Fest Grand Show at SM Mall of Asia

      So much fun yesterday (Sunday) at SM Mall of Asia at the Music Hall. Watched the young talents from the Rock Toon Fest's top 20 winners nationwide with other selected kids that got chance to model for SM Children's Wear Department. They are definitely cute and lovable with their Rock Toons outfit inspired by all time loved and favorite Cartoon Characters like Disney Princess, Tinker Bell and Barbie clothes for girls while fashion action with tees, hoodies, and jeans Cars, Garfield, Snoopy, and Mickey Mouse for boys. All Original Cartoons Apparel from Children's wear section of SM Department Store. 

It was spiced up by kiddie rock band performed lived, while the talents on the runway.  The Rock Toon Fest's Grand Fashion Show was also featured dresses with ruffles, lace, tutus shirt  for the little girls and sporty for little boys.

All went out well and seems every kids there enjoyed the fest's.

And definitely I won't missed my own apparel...ohh not for me, but for my kids too...surely my son and my daughter will love what I have for them.
Thanks so much SM and Nuffnang.

Be Beautiful! :))

Thursday, September 2, 2010


      I feel so low and tired, but done nothing yet.  So I got my digital camera and went out for a walk.  They say interacting with nature recharges our body.  While walking I saw this small, but captivating bloody Rose flowers.  I saw it into two beautiful ways, one is in buds and the other one is about to bloom. Well, I was really delighted in what I saw it's really a WOW for me. Maybe personally I love Roses or I guess I was recharge with this small creature, but very alluring kind of nature. It is simply small, but the joy that brings into my heart was totally refreshing.  I feel so refreshed and happy just like eating a bar of chocolate (hmm yummy).

                                                                      Really alluring.


                                                                         So nature!

                                                                           So Red!



                                                                             Love it!

Truly nature can satisfy our hungry within!
Stay in nature!
Be beautiful!