Thursday, January 27, 2011

Electronic Health Cigarette

I have never been a smoker so I wonder why smoker can't quit into smoking.  It annoys me when people smoked near with me and after smoking talks with me it's like an "eww" I hate the smell its so disturbing for me.
My friend told me that it was so addicting once you were hook.  
One day I've learned about this Electronic Health Cigarette when my friend abroad asked me to buy one for a present on her boyfriend.  Guess what I've found out in this cigar?  It's quite intriguing for me why they say it was healthy. This Electronic Cigarettes without a smoke, no tar, no flame, no carbon monoxide. Something healthy isn't it?  They say you can't tell the difference with the E-Cigarette is exactly like a real smoking.  

They say you will enjoy E-Cigarette without harming yourself and other that are close to you.

I got this in Gateway, Lighters Galore around less than P800, not bad for life time used when we don't have the guts to quit smoking.

Be Beautiful!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Regimen

I was loving my newest talk of the town beauty regimen of Neutrogena Fine Fairness Line.  My best friend Earth one of the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Ambassador suggested me to used the product.  I was having a bad day's during those times,  my pores were clog, uneven skin tone and sort of pimples appear visibly...eww I hated those days. 

Actually I've tried a lot of skin care products available over the counter hmm sad none of them suits me right due of sensitivity of my skin so I was hesitant to try this Neutrogena Fine Fairness, but guess what happened after using it for several weeks I got a compliment coming from my daughty after pinching my face saying "Mama why your skin now is more softer and whiter than before? You wear powder now?"  I smiled and so happy...I haven't realized that my nine years old daughter should noticed some improvements. Well that really made my day!

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness product range

See for your self and realized how it will work for you.

This product are available at all Watsons outlet do check this out!

Neutogena Fine Fairness launch at Watsons, SM Makati 
With the stunning Ambassadors:

Me and My Best Friend Earth!

 I love this event thanks Neutrogena!

Be Beautiful!

My Strange Dream

Lately I was bothered about this dream it's actually kept on coming and coming like a pattern.  I dreamed that I arrived with a place which was new to me and even their language seems to be so unfamiliar.  I was holding a new born child and I walked close to some people and suddenly I wanted to put that new born child on a sticky brown soil when someone stops me...a man with no clear reflection wearing a peculiar all black dress, long black coat,  black cape with a  black round hat.  I don't know that men as well his language, but he talks to me sincerely and I agree in everything he says and then I carry the baby and go with him and walk to massive crowd. 

Strange dream it was and I wonder why I kept on dreaming on it like a pattern.

During the early civilization according to the Bible God speaks to his people in their vivid dreams, but pretty sure expert has its own theories of dream.

Whatever it was it doesn't really matter to me, but question pops into my mind "Do we really dream in order to forget? Or do we dream in order to remember?."   Hmmm guess we really need to pray before going to sleep to keep us safe on those harmful or harmless "Dream" that experts used to call "hallucinations while sleeping!".

Be Beautiful!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knowing More About Paranoia

Paranoia is a term used by mental health professionals to describe exaggerating or very suspicious or mistrust.  It is a persistent behavior involving a feeling that people, things, or event are against you.
It can bring out the worst in usually good people;  It destroys family and friendships;  Ruins career and business.

There are several possible causes of Paranoia:
  • Genetic people with schizophrenic relatives are more prone to paranoia and other mental disorders.
  • Biological it maybe linked to abnormal brain chemistry.  It can be also caused  by a medical condition such as brain tumor or head injury.  People over 45 are also more prone to medical disorders that lead to paranoid behavior.
  • Drugs and medication abuse  drug abuses can also lead to paranoia. cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, or other stimulants can worsen or lead to paranoid behavior.  
  • Environment  people raised to be overly suspicious and distrustful to others.  Working or living with high level of stress encourage paranoia.  People put in a new highly stressful situation can experience "acute paranoia."

Signs that you are paranoid:  People can experience paranoia differently.  It can be mild enough to allow the person to function or severe paranoia that can cut off the individual from the rest of society. 
  • Exaggerated suspicious  People with paranoia cannot abandon their fears.  They expect to be tricked by others even by family and friends.
  • Distance away from society  Because of their social fears, they avoid getting emotionally involved with others.  They find it hard to form intimate relationships. 
  • Too sensitive and defensive  They are "hyper alert".  They notice the smallest changes in personality, attitude and get offended easily.  They are usually people who can't accept blame for their own faults.  Mild criticism can end a relationship with a paranoid.
  • Delusions   Delusions are distinct from culturally or religiously based beliefs that may be seen as untrue by outsiders.  There are certain categories: (1) Feelings of persecution- they suspected people spreading rumors or make fun of them.  (2) Jealousy- Overly jealous.  (3) Somatic delusions- they think that there are something wrong with there bodies. "Hallucinations" something wrong  with nervous system and they have weird hallucinations.  They hear voices and see creatures that are after them.

Just want to share some knowledge about Paranoia.

Be Beautiful!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Earthlingorgeous Blogversary Birthday Giveaway

A new year celebration and now my best friends Blogversary, Birthday and Anastacia's 9th Birthday!  Cheers!  Another year had successfully pass and a new year to look forward more to celebrate great things in my best friends life.  I'm really proud of every success you have, you deserve every single of it.  I know all those things are not easy to achieved you've invested a lot of time, effort, hard work; but you've done it gorgeously!  And now here how it pays a Blog that creates popularity! Happy happy birthday to you I wish super glue would glued you much success and to my dear inaanak Tasha "happy happy 9th birthday, someday I'll tell you how lucky you are that you had a great mother like your mom."  

By the way Blogversary Birthday Giveaway has on going contest everyone can join please check out the link and you can win these fabulous prizes like:

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Good luck!

Be Beautiful!