Sunday, June 20, 2010

CMD mineral drops

       These past few days my eyes are getting dry, teary and sort of redness because of over staying on my computer.  I used to stay on my computer over a long period of time and even my neighbor noticed it so she suggests and even gave me this CMD mineral drops.  It's a kind of eye drop for the eye that was good for red eye, teary eye, Glaucoma, cataract and other eye diseases.  It is a concentrated mineral drops from Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA they say that "it is the most powerful trace of mineral in the world".   I have tried it for a months now and I can say that it does really good into my eyes, and now it will be a part of my daily routine like my daily bath.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little lady

       Yesterday my daughter turned nine and as I've watched her...I've realized that she is no more my baby that I used to cuddled before she go to sleep.  She even decide little things for herself, like how to celebrate her birthday, She told  me that she want's it with her friends into an arcade center and she wants to go along with them.  I guess she was just asking my consent and not asking me to go with them. Suddenly it made me laugh and then got quiet scared. I'm no longer dealing a kid and yet not an adult. And what really scares me...Ohh my gosh I'm not getting any younger.  Seriously speaking I don't know how to treat growing kids like them and I guess I need an expert to have there advice for this matter. 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amazing Beauty by Elianto

     I used my favorite makeup from different brands because the shades and the look I was going for that day is not just available in one brand.  I used my favorite brands of  make-up because I can't find the shade's and color's in one brand.  I used a two way cake foundation by Fanny Serrano, eyeshadow by Careline, blusher and lipstick by Clinique and lipgloss by Estee Lauder.  My friends all complimented how beautiful I was that day and well it does show in the picture how pretty I feel that day.  Until one day my bestfriend recent trip to an Elianto boutique where she posted about her Beauty by Elianto experience convinced me that their products really make beautiful people more lovelier and surprisingly I saw some of my favorite shades and color in one brand.  I can imagine I would be much prettier if I'm using some products from Elianto.