Friday, November 20, 2009

"Life is Short"

       They say: "Life is short" really it was.  We are all traveler's in this world and life is one great journey.  In our life people come and people go, and few of them remain into our heart.  But one thing I have learned that fate has given us chance to show our feeling and a chance to say how much you love and care for the people you love most.  Don't let it pass for we live a short life. We never knew what happens next, today they are still with us, but tomorrow gone, who knows about it?  Today say: "I love You" to all the people you love most, sometimes it's not enough that we only show it, we also have to say how much we love them.  Show also you care for them it's also not enough that we say it, but we have to show some proof  that we really do love and care for them.  For we live a life that is short and that in right time journey ends.

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