Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stages of Grief

       How would you define grief? -The loss of someone or something to which a bond was form; Persons reassess personal definitions in the face of great pain.   There are stages of grieving: denial, anger, grief and acceptance.  Denial when you say: "this isn't happening to me";  Anger when you say "why is this happening to me";  Grief when you feel your heartaches so much that seems it's the only thing you see;  Acceptance when you feel that your ready for whatever it takes now.  Once you reach the stage of acceptance, you will begin to feel whole again.  When you are feeling of your heartache shows you're in grief stage.  You have made a lot of progress.  If your feeling anger that's okey, it tends to overlap.  Moving forward is to embrace your pain.  If you feel like crying  go ahead .  It takes more courage to shed tears than to swallow them.  Have the humility to cry, have the strength to weep for as long you need to.  Feel your pain, just let it come to you.  Think what you've lost, feel the emptiness and heaviness into your heart.  Weep as long as you feel there's drop of pain left inside you, soak it out it doesn't matter how long it takes, stop only when you feel better.  Don't be in a hurry have patience...time will heal every wound no matter how deep- it will surely heals in God's perfect time.  In my life I have so much...and in these stages out of my knowledge I have been through it.  I always admire people after they fall down they always have the courage to stand up where they fell and move forward and begin again. Anyway what happened- it happens we cannot change it,  the only thing we can do is to accept things as it is.

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