Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Strange Dream

Lately I was bothered about this dream it's actually kept on coming and coming like a pattern.  I dreamed that I arrived with a place which was new to me and even their language seems to be so unfamiliar.  I was holding a new born child and I walked close to some people and suddenly I wanted to put that new born child on a sticky brown soil when someone stops me...a man with no clear reflection wearing a peculiar all black dress, long black coat,  black cape with a  black round hat.  I don't know that men as well his language, but he talks to me sincerely and I agree in everything he says and then I carry the baby and go with him and walk to massive crowd. 

Strange dream it was and I wonder why I kept on dreaming on it like a pattern.

During the early civilization according to the Bible God speaks to his people in their vivid dreams, but pretty sure expert has its own theories of dream.

Whatever it was it doesn't really matter to me, but question pops into my mind "Do we really dream in order to forget? Or do we dream in order to remember?."   Hmmm guess we really need to pray before going to sleep to keep us safe on those harmful or harmless "Dream" that experts used to call "hallucinations while sleeping!".

Be Beautiful!

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