Thursday, January 27, 2011

Electronic Health Cigarette

I have never been a smoker so I wonder why smoker can't quit into smoking.  It annoys me when people smoked near with me and after smoking talks with me it's like an "eww" I hate the smell its so disturbing for me.
My friend told me that it was so addicting once you were hook.  
One day I've learned about this Electronic Health Cigarette when my friend abroad asked me to buy one for a present on her boyfriend.  Guess what I've found out in this cigar?  It's quite intriguing for me why they say it was healthy. This Electronic Cigarettes without a smoke, no tar, no flame, no carbon monoxide. Something healthy isn't it?  They say you can't tell the difference with the E-Cigarette is exactly like a real smoking.  

They say you will enjoy E-Cigarette without harming yourself and other that are close to you.

I got this in Gateway, Lighters Galore around less than P800, not bad for life time used when we don't have the guts to quit smoking.

Be Beautiful!

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