Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knowing More About Paranoia

Paranoia is a term used by mental health professionals to describe exaggerating or very suspicious or mistrust.  It is a persistent behavior involving a feeling that people, things, or event are against you.
It can bring out the worst in usually good people;  It destroys family and friendships;  Ruins career and business.

There are several possible causes of Paranoia:
  • Genetic people with schizophrenic relatives are more prone to paranoia and other mental disorders.
  • Biological it maybe linked to abnormal brain chemistry.  It can be also caused  by a medical condition such as brain tumor or head injury.  People over 45 are also more prone to medical disorders that lead to paranoid behavior.
  • Drugs and medication abuse  drug abuses can also lead to paranoia. cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, or other stimulants can worsen or lead to paranoid behavior.  
  • Environment  people raised to be overly suspicious and distrustful to others.  Working or living with high level of stress encourage paranoia.  People put in a new highly stressful situation can experience "acute paranoia."

Signs that you are paranoid:  People can experience paranoia differently.  It can be mild enough to allow the person to function or severe paranoia that can cut off the individual from the rest of society. 
  • Exaggerated suspicious  People with paranoia cannot abandon their fears.  They expect to be tricked by others even by family and friends.
  • Distance away from society  Because of their social fears, they avoid getting emotionally involved with others.  They find it hard to form intimate relationships. 
  • Too sensitive and defensive  They are "hyper alert".  They notice the smallest changes in personality, attitude and get offended easily.  They are usually people who can't accept blame for their own faults.  Mild criticism can end a relationship with a paranoid.
  • Delusions   Delusions are distinct from culturally or religiously based beliefs that may be seen as untrue by outsiders.  There are certain categories: (1) Feelings of persecution- they suspected people spreading rumors or make fun of them.  (2) Jealousy- Overly jealous.  (3) Somatic delusions- they think that there are something wrong with there bodies. "Hallucinations" something wrong  with nervous system and they have weird hallucinations.  They hear voices and see creatures that are after them.

Just want to share some knowledge about Paranoia.

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