Monday, March 22, 2010

"Graduation Day"

           Diploma, garland, toga, etc. things in mind when Graduation Day comes. But there's more to think the happiness of each parent's that son or daughter finally marching on stage to get their diploma specially in college. For parents its one of the greatest achievements. And for every graduates it is the end and the beginning of something new to their life. As I've watched my youngest brother Highschool Graduation Right's last March 20, I reminiscent the feeling of being graduates when I was in that age, it's mixed of happiness and sadness; happy because finally my diploma is in my hand and yet sad because I have to leave behind all those happy days with friends and teachers that made me who I am today. With a teary eye my friends and I give each other a tight hug, saying "goodbye for now, but we see each other again" like a lyrics of the song that usually sung during those days. I really love to remember those days it made my lips create a big smile. I'm sure this graduates will also remember as time passes by. "Happy Graduation, Graduates" I wish you all success in your life time. Keep thinking big and aiming high cheers!

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