Saturday, April 2, 2011

TUM: My Pledge Of Love

 I have been invited by my best friend Earth on the special screening of the movie TUM: My Pledge Of Love a film directed and produced by Robin Padilla, last March 30, 2011 at SM Centerpoint Sta. Mesa, together with the different youth organization and representatives from Muslim community. 

"TUM" a Hindu word means "YOU."  The story was about love, culture, and religion that basically divides people.  A captivating love story of the main character (Ravaan) Robin Padilla a Muslim-Indian who happens to inherit every wealth of their family in one condition he must marry a Christian-Filipina women (Linda) Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla there the story begin.  Can love survives in-spite of traditional culture and solidarity of religion differences?  

This filmed was a first directorial job of Robin Padilla and I can as a first timer he is definitely did it very well.  TUM stars Robin Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez- Padilla, Queenie Padilla and Ejay Falcon.  This movie was rated B.  Most of the scenes was shot in India and some part of the Philippines.  The costumes design and their make-up was fantastic!   Well, better see this film showing on April 6, 2011. 

       TUM's trailer:

Do watch this movie you will definitely enjoy as I did!



  1. papanuorin ko to pag uwi ko nalang promise hehehe.. insha'allah!by RB

  2. lol! :) loko ka syempre tapos na showing nun in cinema, but still u can watch in DVD I guess; dapat orig bilhin mo ok!

  3. elow ate che che, how's rhea?