Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baby Lizard

O do we call the baby lizard?  Hmm they say: "hatchling"...ehehe anyway I just met a new friend today.  He just came out of his shell a minute ago and he is so cute...I wanted to be the first one to have his presto I did some shots!  It's cool its minimizes my boredom and intense heat inside home. 

They say lizards are relatives of dinosaurs...hmm sounds scary.  Actually they belong to the family of reptiles. "Ovoviviporous is the correct scientific term for animals that carry the eggs internally and upon delivery of the offspring the entire shell structure has thinned to the point that only the thin mucous membrane remains from which the offspring emerges because no whitish shell structure is seen and the membrane is sometimes broken through by the time the baby is fully delivered by the mother, people often assume that these babies were born live."

Well so much for this I want to introduce my new found friend I call him "Baby Liz" ehehe cool right?

His first walk...look at his back he step forward..its cute!

He's so cuddle!
Finally meet him!



  1. cute nman nyan hehehe! swerte mo naman at natyempuhan mo pagpisa nya from shell :) by #1FAN

  2. Ang galing naman nyan Ms. Rachel. I'm sure that thing will help you with your insect problems in the future. Hehehe!

    By the way this is Marco of Daddy Yashiro's Journal. Nice meeting you during the iblog7. Good day!

  3. Hi! Thanks! Nice meeting you too...God Bless :)