Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Does My Mother Love Me?

     Today I would like to share a sad story.  I've heard it early this morning,  honestly it breaks my heart as a mother with a daughter to protect.  And this story is not a good one to start a new year.  A 16 years old girl was raped by her stepped father.  All of the sudden this young girl was afraid to tell anyone specially her mother because she is afraid that her mother might choose his stepfather rather than choosing her.  And time had come that she was afraid of...her mother learned what happen.  But upon knowing the story about her daughter, her mother slap her (take note the mother slap her daughter not the one who did raped her daughter) and just cried but didn't do anything to sue or to get her stepped father in jail.  And one thing more so wicked, her mother chooses her stepped father and acted like there's nothing happens to her.  It really turned my heart into pieces hearing this story.  I thought this kind of story might just happen in a tele-novela or in a movie,  but it really happen in real life.  Ive pity in this child so much, but I cant do anything in it;  because her owned mother which supposed to fight for her right was the one who tolerates the rapist of her own child.  Maybe she is so in-love with this guy that even in this case she choose him...what a stunning love (sarcasm).  I hope this saying would come into her mind that "she can have a husband or lover as many as she can, but a child whom she bore in her womb for 9 months will not replace in anything in this world".  I do not judge this kind of mother...maybe she has her reason valid, but whatever it is,  i will not understand.

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