Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Proud Mother

   Today, I was fascinated with my kids because of their awareness of the things around them. My nine year old son told my eight year old daughter while eating their dinner, "Rizza, kelangan ubusin natin ang bawat kanin sa plato kasi natutuyo na ang mga pananim na pagkain ng mga magsasaka". I can't believe my son was aware that there is a drought in our country today. And my eight year old daughter while she's washing the dishes she says: "kelangan natin magtipid ng tubig, kasi natutuyo na ang mga tubig sa ilog at sa mga dam". It was great knowing my kids are aware of the things going on around them inspite of their young age. They show that they care in our environment in their own little way. I'm really proud of my kids. I wish every kid's in this planet has the heart that my kids have, who cares for Mother Earth. For a while I stop and think, "me as an adult what can I contribute to help loosen the burden of our mother Earth due of Global Warming or Climate Change"? My kids have their about us an adult what can we share?

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