Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fruit Shake

     Were heading on summer, this fruit shake my favorite stuff when I go to mall.  Its was really burst of fresh fruits...You can actually choose variety of fresh fruits available to the booth.  Mine's favorite was four season its the combination of mango, melon, orange and pineapple.  Its very delicious not to mention it is very healthy too, and the taste was so watery in mouth.  "Fruits For Thought" at the back of the label of there drinking cup, just a trivia.  "Strawberry a good refreshing cleanses for the whole body.  Orange helps in cleaning up your digestive system.  Melon a gentle laxative that stimulates action on the intestines.  Watermelon stimulates the appetite, while cleansing the bladder and kidneys.  Apple helps relieve indigestion, keeps the cholesterol stable and suppress the appetite.  Banana an excellent aid in digestion.  Mango gives energy, vitality and promotes healthy skin.  Papaya an energy booster that stimulates the appetite and cleanses the internal organs.  Pineapple aids in the digestion of protein.  Grape an excellent metabolism stimulator".  That also feeds my mind!:D

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