Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Cyber Deep"

         I want to share this poem and I wonder how could this so-called Cyber Love grow into mature love relationship and some of them last through lifetime.  I was really fascinated with these two people found each other and make them last.  Some of them have same culture and race but meet in cyber;  some of them totally differ in race differ in culture but they do understand each other very well. must be really Love, Love really works in very mysterious way who can understand it...only the people who's in to it.  I love you Besy (Best friend) this one's for you! :D

Cyber Deep
by Arielle
Online chat
Friendship sought
Innocent enough

Phone calls
Shared thoughts
Never enough

Thoughts of you
Day and Night
Encounters bright

Moments turned to hours
Spent together
Chat, phone and letter


Falling Asleep
Sound by voice
At my side

Fluttering of my heart
Never met
Could this be right

Tears wept
Feelings intense
Into my life you crept

Others nearby
Can’t compare
Love so dear

Could it be real
Feelings cyber deep
Of one you may never meet

Scared to let go
My heart rings tight
I, too, love you
And I will hold on

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