Thursday, May 26, 2011

Balaw Balaw Restaurant

Balaw Balaw Restaurant Agono Rizal, Philippines home of exotic food and place full of artifact to venture. I heard about this resto, but never thought that I could try those exotic foods.  I'm not adventurous when it comes of tasting food which are not familiar to me. Thought change when I've tried one....ow no two of their famous exotic food. :-)

 Here are list of Exotic food they serve:

List of Exotic Food Available
Frogs call as "Nilasing" marinated in wine. 
And see these...hmm they call it "Nilasing na Palaka"....this one I dare to ate and I was surprised it tastes as good as chicken really yummy!
Guess what's inside?

Ahhmm...this is what's inside the jar (palayok) "Soup no. 5 (Butt and Balls of Cow)"....taste better than an ordinary soups I had tasted.

So native instead of table cloth a mat made of Pandan (Screw Pine) fronds with stylish design.
Table setting
 folk chairs
Miniature of Higantes Festive
An antique piano right next to the doorstep

Miniature of Filipino Culture                                                                     

 Here are some arts that my eyes can't take off....I realized it is not just a resto that serve folk food it is as well home of great paintings, wood sculptures, and antiques: definitely a museum I can say.  

 Come, see and experience the delicious folk food as well as there folk arts that indeed we Filipino can be proud of.


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