Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reality 'bout Overweight

In our society today  the more the thinner the more sexier to look and not to mention the more healthier, due of less fats deposit.  On the side of  obese or overweight people it was so depressing most specially women, because they were deprived  of some sort of things;  Good example was riding on a public vehicle like jeepney, buses, Fx taxi, etc. One time I was riding on a jeep when an Obese women wants to rode and when she was inside the jeep people were looking at her constantly enough for her to melt.  And when she payed her fare and the driver noticed that she was actually paying for a single seat he told her: "You should pay double because you were occupying two seats." and so the women got angry and refuses to pay, but suddenly she can't do anything because the driver was very persistent on that matter.  I felt sad inside because most of us are very inconsiderate for people like her.  What if she only had enough one paying seat on her pocket?...ohh sad, but then I also realized the side of the driver he will loss that single fare which he also needed for the day.

Well I think for Obese or Overweight people must take an action not only for their convenience, but also for health matter.  Expert also says that the more fats deposit the more unhealthy we are.  They also say that a lot of  deceases we may have or most prone for.   So better to watch our weight before it's too late for us to loose weight or might as well avoid too fatty or unhealthy foods....just go for green foods and fruits.  Keep the healthy diet.

Be Beautiful! 

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