Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Addiction

I was addicted with my two flip top like sandals.  One pair is my white Bandolino heeled sandals and the other pair is the black Chelsea flat sandals.  I was fascinated by wearing sandals through the years because it feels so comfy and more girly not to be mentioned seeing those toenails with pretty pedicures.

This picture with my high school best friends having fun.

Attending a simple wedding ceremony.
Riding in a rented bus for Alaminos and Bolinao,  Pangasinan in a vacation.
A day tour in Hidden Valley Spring  at Alaminos, Laguna.
 I was actually loving it suddenly I realized I need something new...something that will feel me more comfy and yet covers my feet for a change.  Until I heard about this comfortable, flat and affordable ballerina shoes "Sole Sister" I want to try something new and this one I think it's perfect.  So I intended to join Earth's contest to have it for free (hoping) who knows I might be the lucky one I'm keeping my finger's cross.  By the way “This post is for My Sole Sister Shoe Contest”

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