Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Being a Mom

        Month of May there's a lot of reason to celebrate; 1st it's my birth month; 2nd it is mother's day celebration; 3rd flower festival in Baguio City; lastly Santa Cruzan. All of this event are important in everyone's heart some for personal reason's, others locked with the early tradition's, but best of all Mother's day celebration for me is the most important. Mother's Day was celebrated every 2nd Sunday of the month. I'm a mother of a ten year old boy and an eight year old girl. Motherhood is most lucrative career, it is the most tough job in every career. No day off, no time-out, no resignation, 24/7 on the go for your family....but after the end of the day it's the most fulfilling one.  Sometimes you feel very tired, and feel's like you can't give anything anymore. When I feel that I used to go out alone, I go for shopping, parlor or I went out with my friend's to have lunch.  And when I go home I feel better, I feel recharge and ready to begin again...another day.  I give-up everything for my kid's just to be hands-on for them.  I don't want to miss anything while they're growing-up because you can't bring back the hand's of time when it passed.  I've watched they're first...first giggle's, first walk, first smile, first talk, first run and every first; And I'm happy in it.  I wish I can always watch them, but I know time will move quickly and I'm not going to be with them all the time.  But I will always cherished the memories that we have, when they are always asking for Mama....mama...mama that sometimes it's sound's annoying.    Hmm...I wish I can stop the hand of time, but that's life.  I made a promise to myself that even they're  grown-up I'll always be a mom for them it will  never stop,  As long as they call "Mama" I'll always be there for them no matter what.

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