Monday, September 7, 2009

Peace Of Mind

        Peace of mind is the greatest asset we can have for happy living and we can only achieve this by having a life with God.  This is an inner victory  which only comes from knowing God intimately, and knowing Him is the beginning of Wisdom, as we strive our daily life even in little things we all need this so-called wisdom.
      When I was younger I used to dream a lot and achieve a lot.  Nobody and nothing can stop me for having what I really wanted in life.  Just to say that I achieve my goals and  I'm successful I do whatever I want to do, but there was certain circumstances that come along, that I was must used my wisdom from my knowledge.  In that certain time I can't let go of it, knowing that it will do good for me...only for me; Without thinking other people that may hurt.  That's my knowledge...things that matter only for me and would only benefits me, but other may suffer.  Deep inside I was struggling and I can't help it, I know what's right from what is wrong, but I can't help it,  but keep on doing what I really want even it may cause pain to other.  Suddenly I ask God to enlighten my decision, and without noticing that following what GOD wisdom may cause me so much pain...and yet feeling relieve and success. And now I'm living my life with confident that I succeeded  that challenge once in my life; because I followed my wisdom that comes from God, I praise Him because He actually curved it into my heart and now I'm living a happy life that God had chosen  for me to live.

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