Thursday, September 2, 2010


      I feel so low and tired, but done nothing yet.  So I got my digital camera and went out for a walk.  They say interacting with nature recharges our body.  While walking I saw this small, but captivating bloody Rose flowers.  I saw it into two beautiful ways, one is in buds and the other one is about to bloom. Well, I was really delighted in what I saw it's really a WOW for me. Maybe personally I love Roses or I guess I was recharge with this small creature, but very alluring kind of nature. It is simply small, but the joy that brings into my heart was totally refreshing.  I feel so refreshed and happy just like eating a bar of chocolate (hmm yummy).

                                                                      Really alluring.


                                                                         So nature!

                                                                           So Red!



                                                                             Love it!

Truly nature can satisfy our hungry within!
Stay in nature!
Be beautiful!

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